Certified Hieronymus Life Elixir
The “Intelligent” Tea!

Glenn's Life Elixir Tea

Captain Glenn's certified Hieronymus Wellness Teas are a synergistic blend of herbs and spices designed to promote personal health and wellbeing...[more]


"I have felt better, my mind has been clearer, and I am losing weight easily, for possibly the first time in my life...I used to be unable to drive long distances, because I would fall asleep while doing so...that does not happen anymore. I would recommend this tea and tonic and menu to anyone who wants a change and is willing to try something healthy and good for you. It's amazing."
Angie R.

"I intially took [Life Elixir] to loose weight for a trip to Hawaii. Not only did I loose the weight, but I stopped smoking too. It completely curbed my desire to have a cigarette and I am so thankful because I have been smoking for over 25 years."
Kathy Villareal, Pagosa Springs, CO

"I was diagonosed with MSRA in my lympathic system and tried the conventional medical route that only dosed me us with antibiotics that caused more internal imbalance. Had I not met Glenn, I do not know where I would be now. His therapeutic teas and wisdom of proper food combination has helped me more than any other thing I have tried in the past. Other "side-effects" are that I have lost weight, have more energy and feel more focused than I have in years. Thank You, Glenn!"
Melanie Kuhlmann, Prescott, AZ

"I first started taking Captain Glenn's Life Elixir on a day that friends of mine were coming down sick. That evening, I was starting to feel really weak and foggy myself. I drank my first elixir that night and again the next morning. I felt great! Big, strong guys were going down with the flu and I was fine. To me, it feels even more powerful than Airborne. i try to drink it daily, but definitely when I am starting to feel rundown."
Harold Conradi, D. C.

Life Elixir TeaLife Elixir TeaLife Elixir TeaLife Elixir Tea

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